Hand and Surface Sanitisers

We offer two different versions of hand sanitiser. Alcohol version or non-Alcohol version. In addition to hospital-grade 80% Ethanol hand and surface sanitiser.

Non - Alcohol

The non-flammable hand sanitiser is made for us in Perth by one of WA's leading chemical labs. We have a guarantee of continuous supply as all raw materials are sourced locally. We then bottle the formula and distribute it. We wanted to provide a safer alternative but just as effective, to the flammable version of hand sanitiser that has flooded the market, primarily from China.

Our verified laboratory test sheet provides confirmation the active ingredient kills 99.9967% of the MHV-1 virus strain after one minute of exposure. Therefore, highly effective, much safer to use and can be safely transported in bulk, as unlike other hand sanitisers it is not classed as dangerous goods. It is much softer of the skin for continuous use. 

We made the decision to produce the 50ml handy bottle size due to the convenience and necessity to have instant hand sanitiser on one's person at all times. Providing this necessity for your employees, contractors, clients or customers is being proactive rather than reactive and also helps you comply with OHWS requirements to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Alcohol Version

ALCASAN - 75%v/v Alcohol Hand Sanitiser is an 100% Australian owned and made which cleanses without the need for water or rinsing. 

Alcasan is made entirely from Australian ingredients, including 100% Australian Barley.

Non sticky formulation

Made at our state-of-the-art processing plant in Bayswater, Western Australia

Support local industry

Support local jobs

Trusted brand.


Ethanol 80% Hand and Surface Sanitiser - Hospital Grade

Ethanol 80% is based on the hand rub formulation of the WHO and is thus fit for use as an antiseptic hand rub sanitiser in all Healthcare settings such as Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries and Aged Care Facilities.

This product is also suitable for use in domestic and commercial settings where soap and water is not readily available.

This product may also find use as a hard surface sanitiser providing it is used in well- ventilated area free from sources of ignition, trafficable surfaces or surfaces affected by alcohol.